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146: Demystifying Gut Health & the Microbiome

In this episode, I speak with Jessie Hoffman, PhD about her experience as a nutrition researcher and gut health expert. We discuss her dissertation studies on the gut microbiome and environmental pollutants and specifically take a deep dive into how her views of nutrition and science in general shifted as she continued through her schooling. She breaks down some of the most interesting aspects of the science of gut health and explains why media literacy is more critical in today's world than ever.

Jessie explains what all the hype about gut health is all about and helps separate differentiate between what we know about the gut and what we still are looking for in the research. She outlines some of her best tips for promoting gut health and explains why there's more to it than food and eating.

Here are some more specific topics we dive into in this podcast episode:

  • probiotics: good, bad, or somewhere in the middle?

  • prebiotics: necessary or just a hype?

  • the gut-brain axis

  • how to promote gut health

  • when elimination diets are not the answer to gut woes

  • why farting is normal (haha)

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