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181: Intuitive Exercise & How to Train Happy

"If exercise had zero impact on your weight and appearance, would you still work out? If you answered 'yes', would you work out differently from how you do now? Would you do more or less?" These are the first lines of Tally's Rye's book Train Happy and a very important set of questions to consider as you navigate your relationship with exercise.

Tally and Paige dig into these questions and more all about cultivating more peace with exercise and movement.

Tally Rye is a Personal Trainer, podcaster and author from London, England working in fitness for 5 years. Through experiencing her own complicated relationship with food and exercise, she is passionate about changing the fitness landscape to help others avoid the pitfalls of diet culture within a fitness setting. She is a advocates for ditching diet culture, reconnecting with our bodies and cultivating intuition.

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