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The foundation of Positive Nutrition is to help individuals, communities and experts create positive relationships with food. Through individual nutrition therapy, online courses, training for experts and more, Positive Nutrition provides sustainable, practical and positive health and nutrition solutions. 


Although weight-neutrality and intuitive eating inform the way we approach our clients, it doesn't mean we are unable or unwilling to discuss weight concerns. If this is important to our clients, it's important to us! Together, we will discover powerful positive ways to approach nutrition and health that don't leave you feeling guilty or shameful about food or your body. We don't promote any type of one-size-fits-all promises about health and nutrition and instead, use our expertise and training in nutrition and behavior change to help you find sustainable and positive solutions for life.


We respect all backgrounds and promise to be supportive and understanding of each of our clients regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, political leaning etc. This is a safe place for all!



Nutrition Therapist

Jen earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and worked for several years as a mental health counselor before going back to school to get her master’s degree in Nutrition. As a nutrition therapist, she weaves her mental health background with nutrition science to create an environment where clients feel safe to explore their relationship with food and body. Jen works with clients using a weight-inclusive framework and Intuitive Eating approach to identify small steps that move clients towards food freedom and to feel comfortable and confident in their eating. Jen specializes in eating disorders, vegetarian and vegan nutrition, chronic dieting, binge-eating, and digestive disorders.

Jen works with ages 14 and up and is in-network with: United, BCBS, Cigna, U of U, and DMBA.


Sports Dietitian, Yoga Teacher

As a former DI collegiate athlete, Lauren understands the unique challenges around fueling for sport, mental and physical performance, body image, and balancing all aspects of life. Through the fusion of her disciplines, she empowers her clients to turn inward and listen to their intuition for guidance. Pairing her clients' intuitive knowledge with evidenced-based science to develop practical nutrition strategies is the foundation of her work to help clients perform their best in sport and show up as their best selves in life. Lauren specializes in sports nutrition, eating disorders, and chronic dieting

Lauren works with ages 14 and up and is in-network with: Cigna, United, BCBS, and U of U.



Nutrition Therapist

Katie has been a registered dietitian nutritionist for 18 years and has a love of helping people develop healthy, sustainable relationships with food and their bodies. She takes a behavioral approach to food and nutrition and approaches her clients from a weight-neutral paradigm, consistent with the Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating models. She specializes in eating disorders, chronic dieting, disordered eating and family feeding dynamics.


Katie is one of a small number of dietitians uniquely qualified to help provide specialized support as clients navigate migraine disease.

Katie sees parents of young kids and works individually with ages 14 and up and is in-network with: BCBS, Cigna, U of U and United.



Nutrition Therapist

As a nutrition therapist, Paige supports each client to find positive solutions to the questions and struggles they're experiencing with food and/or body image. Together, we find ways to learn to make peace with food and body in a weight-neutral, positive way. Paige specializes in practical, down-to-earth solutions for individuals in eating disorder recovery, those struggling with chronic dieting, digestive disorders, and body image concerns. She also enjoys helping families get into a comfortable groove with feeding dynamics and family meals. She works individually with clients, teaches multiple online courses, hosts the Nutrition Matters Podcast, and owns Positive Nutrition.

Paige works with ages 16 and up and is in-network with: U of U, BCBS, Cigna, United, PEHP, and DMBA.

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