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What Clients Are Saying

"Your kind disposition was a pleasant reminder that it doesn't have to be such a lonely journey. AND coming back to a nutritionist also reminded me of the work I've done in the past making the current situation seem less grim. Basically, you gave me hope which I desperately needed. Since our last visit I've been referring back to my notes adding in lots of variety and really listening to hunger and fullness. I consider you such a valuable resource!"


"Paige is both an outstanding individual and dietitian. Her inimitable patience, understanding, and guidance allowed me to ease my way into remission from an eating disorder that had plagued me for years. I now can say I live life happily--without fear of food--and I attribute much of my success to her support."


“Paige has literally saved my life. I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that restricts my body from producing enzymes responsible for breaking down many types of food. The only medicine available is designed for babies drinking formula. I was desperately looking for anyone that would take on the challenge of helping me alter my diet. I met with several terrible nutritionists that threw some internet print offs at me and wanted to charge me an arm and a leg. 

Then I found Paige. Paige spent over an hour in our first session just listening to my story and asking assessment questions that really helped me trust her investment. She identified some dangerous eating disordered thinking and challenged me in our first session. 

Paige has gone FAR above and beyond in our work together. She took me shopping, scopes out safe foods for me in her personal time, and she is available any time I need her for questions or check-ins between sessions.
Paige really cares about her clients. It is obvious that money is not the motivator for her work. She is invested in helping her clients feel better, build confidence and be healthy. 

I really couldn't have survived this major life change without her. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone with dietary restrictions, eating disorders, or just wanting to learn more about food."


“I have to say that you have been so sensitive and compassionate as you approach weight and health. I feel great! As a person who grew up in ethnic cultures that tended to nurture through food, I have found that I can still enjoy the savory-ness of [my favorite foods]. Thank you for giving me the tools, education, creative ideas and resources to help make healthy life changes.”


“I am a fellow RD and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Nutrition Matters podcast! I have found the podcast to provide a great comprehensive look at so many of the issues my clients are challenged with (chronic dieting, binge eating, food allergies, weight issues, orthorexia, etc.). Thank you for your thoughtful insight and perspective; it has made me a more effective dietitian. Keep up the great work!”


"Paige has helped me to change my attitude toward food. I am happier about the process than I have ever been before and I am more patient and forgiving of myself in the process. I actually have confidence that I will be successful long-term. That is an amazing feeling!"


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