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117: Is Food Medicine?

Hippocrates famously declared: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

While this sounds nice and seems harmless, there are important nuances to explore about whether or not food is medicine. There are real implications that this philosophy can bring, and this podcast episode outlines where seeing food as medicine can be a slippery slope and where it can actually lead to poorer health outcomes.

Katie Davis, RDN, CD joined me on this episode to share her very personal story of how she struggled—and continues to manage—with her health. She explains her story of an acute battle with severe neurological symptoms and how her unexplained health struggle created personal guilt and shame with food. Was she causing her symptoms? Was it something she was eating? Through years of navigating her health issues, she shares her story of how she sees food now and how she approaches the question of whether or not food is medicine.

You might also enjoy this article by type I diabetic and PhD in nutritional sciences, Dylan MacKay exploring this topic very thoughtfully.

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