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155: "Is it My Fault?"—Tips and Resources for People who Love Someone Struggling with Food

Nutrition Matters Podcast provides many resources and conversations exploring how people can heal from disordered eating and struggles with food. This episode goes in a different direction than the norm: Kathleen and Paige dive into providing tips and resources for those who love someone who is struggling with food. While there are many resources for those struggling, there aren't as many for those who support and love someone who struggle with food. This podcast episode does just that.

Kathleen and Paige discuss what it's like to be a support person: wrestling with feelings of guilt, not being sure what to say, not knowing how to help, and not really knowing what the balance is with being involved but caring for yourself in the meantime.

Kathleen Meehan is Houston-based dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor with a virtual private practice. She specializes in Intuitive Eating and a weight-inclusive approach to help clients develop skills to trust their internal cues and wisdom. Kathleen partners with clients to help them rediscover the pleasure and satisfaction of food, while exploring body image concerns and unhelpful beliefs about food and eating. Outside of counseling, Kathleen enjoys a good book, spending time in the outdoors (especially in Vermont!) and exploring new restaurants with friends and family.

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