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On International No Diet Day: Get to Know your Resources

Although the word diet is in my official title as a registered dietitian nutritionist, I don’t promote dieting. For more on why, read this blog post outlining the 10 reasons diets don't work.

On May 6 each year, I get really excited about the opportunity to celebrate International No Diet Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the pitfalls of dieting and helping lead people toward a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.

Many people I work with on an individual basis are on board with the idea that diets don’t work, but they still want help navigating through our diet and thin-obsessed world with their mental health intact. I compiled a list of resources for developing a healthier relationship with food and body in honor of this special day where we take a break from restriction and dieting. My wish for you is that you make every day No Diet Day! May 6 (or any day) is a great day to start.

How to use this post

Choose the forms of media that you like best and start there. Maybe you want to make changes to a more body positive approach on your social media accounts or maybe you absolutely love to listen to podcasts. Perhaps nothing completes you more than a great book. Or, maybe you’d love to dive into an in-depth online course. Start with what interests you and save this list for later as you continue your non-dieting journey.

You’ll notice many of the resources listed below have to do with eating disorders and you may wonder what the connection is from dieting to eating disorders. In truth, dieting is one of the biggest predictors of eating disorders and disordered eating. So, take a look at these lists and see what piques your interest and celebrate International No Diet Day in a way that works for you.


This list contains articles that are fairly concise, easy to understand and shareable with friends and family. Articles can get you thinking a new way and can inspire change.

Websites and blogs

Here are some of my favorite blogs to follow for more food for thought. Many of these websites contain vast amounts of helpful resources for healthy attitudes and approaches to food and weight.

  • Intuitive Eating is a website dedicated to providing community and support for those making efforts to become more intuitive about their eating.

  • The Center for Mindful Eating provides resources for becoming a more mindful, in-tune and joyful eater.

  • Real Mom Nutrition is a blog devoted to helping to make healthy, wholesome eating realistic for the whole family.

  • Beauty Redefined is a website developed by two 30-year-old identical twins with PhDs in the study of media and body image devoted to helping women develop a healthier body image.

  • Ellyn Satter Institute provides resources and articles to help you foster a healthy body image in your kids and family.

  • Health at Every Size principles help us be at peace in our bodies, supporting people of all sizes in finding compassionate ways to take care of themselves.


Podcasts are great because they’re portable you can listen in your car or while you’re doing the dishes and you don’t have to be tied to your computer. Many times podcasts dive into a personal story on a deeper and more intimate level than an article which leads to introspection and analysis of your own struggles on a sometimes different level than other media.

  • Love, Food Podcast is hosted by Julie Duffy Dillon who is a registered dietitian and food peace promoter. Her podcast is in the form of letters and has a charming “Dear Abby” feel to it and provides great tips and ideas for walking away from diets.

  • Don't Salt My Game is a podcast hosted by the wonderful Laura Thomas, PhD who has incredibly helpful and meaningful conversations with her guests dismantling diet culture and promoting well-being in all sizes.

  • The BodyLove Project is a podcast hosted by my good friend Jessi Haggerty, RD who is both a dietitian and a personal trainer who has fabulously interesting conversations about food, health, movement and life.

  • Nutrition Matters Podcast is a podcast hosted by yours truly that's been around since 2015. This podcast aims to explore what really matters in the world of nutrition and health with a realistic, positive and sensitive approach.

  • Food Psych is hosted by Christy Harrison, a registered dietitian nutritionist and journalist, who dives into personal stories of recovery from dieting and disordered eating.

  • Body Kindness is a podcast hosted by Rebecca Scritchfield, author of the book by the same name. She dives deep into topics that affect our relationship with food and our bodies like sexuality, raising kids, and more.

  • Therapy Thoughts podcast is hosted by my good friend Tiffany Roe who is a no-nonsense therapist providing practical and down-to-earth tips to make life more fulfilling, happy and positive for the listener.

  • Dietitians Unplugged is another great podcast hosted by two fabulous dietitians devoted to supporting people on their non-dieting journey.


Many of these books provide a unique and in-depth insight into the research, personal stories and practical application of adopting non-diet principles into your life.

  • Intuitive Eating is one of the most comprehensive non-dieting resources out there. Written by two renowned registered dietitians, this book is a great introduction to connecting with your body through a non-diet approach.

  • Just Eat It is an anti-diet guide from registered nutritionist Laura Thomas PhD. This book can help you sort out your attitude to food and ditch punishing exercise routines. As a qualified practitioner of Intuitive Eating – a method that helps followers tune in to innate hunger and fullness cues – Thomas gives you the freedom to enjoy food on your own terms.

  • The F* It Diet is written by an outspoken advocate for peaceful, joyful relationship with food. The author skillfully outlines the science, helping the chronic dieter walk away from diets for good.

  • Body Respect is a book all about learning to respect and honor your body where it is and stop the dieting cycle.

  • Health at Every Size focuses on teaching you how to feel great in your body right now. It outlines the scientifically proven way you can boost your health and your self-esteem.


If you’d like to explore the non-diet approach in a way that involves homework, lectures, discussion and community, join an online course.

  • Positive Nutrition for Life: Heal your relationship with food. This online course take 3-6 months to complete and is a deep dive into how to rebuild your relationship with food with the four pillars of Positive Nutrition: mindfulness, body liberation, Intuitive Eating, and principles of Positive Nutrition.

  • Positive Nutrition 101: The science of nutrition without the gimmicks. Join registered dietitian, Paige Smathers, and nutrition science expert, Jessie Hoffman, PhD for an action-packed nutrition course diving into concepts like gut health, metabolism, macronutrients, nutrition myths, and more while covering concepts of mindfulness, intuitive eating, and positive nutrition. If you want to learn about nutrition science, but you're not interested in the gimmicky way most people talk about food and nutrition, you're in the right place!

  • Mindful Eating Workshop: Discover a mindfulness-based approach to food and nutrition. Learn about the core concepts of mindfulness including suffering, impermanence, interdependence, how to meditate, and how mindfulness can be incorporated to your approach to food in this online course with leading Buddhist and mindfulness teacher, Noah Rasheta, and registered dietitian, Paige Smathers. In this unique course, you learn from you learn about what mindfulness is, how to practice it, and how to incorporate it into your relationship with food.

Social media accounts

Sometimes it can feel like your social media feeds are full of negativity and diet-promoting content. Don’t be afraid to unfollow an account that’s negative and replace it with positivity. Here are some of my favorite non-dieting, inspirational and positive social media accounts. These are in no particular order.

Use the collective wisdom, experience, research and resources from as many of these sources as you’d like. Celebrate not dieting and finding joyful connection with food and your body today and always through ditching dieting and finding food peace. There is hope for you!

This article was originally published on May 6, 2016 on This version was adapted with updated links for the 2019 International No Diet Day.

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