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You May Be on a Diet Without Knowing It

Diets are sneaky. You may be on a diet without even realizing it. Rarely is a diet called a “diet” anymore. Now diets are marketed under the guise of “healthy”, “clean” or “whole” eating or living. However, it is still a diet. Any way of eating that requires restriction, counting calories, or messes with the way you would normally want to eat is most likely a diet.

Your eating pattern may be a diet if:

  • You avoid eating for long stretches of time

  • The food you are “allowed” to eat leaves you feeling hungry and unsatisfied

  • There are a lot of rules for what you can and cannot eat

  • You count every calorie you eat

  • Eating, planning, and preparing food feels overly complicated

  • You regularly weigh food prior to eating it

  • You are doing any type of “cleanse”

  • You only allow yourself to eat a certain portion size

  • You obsessively read food labels

  • You are eliminating sugar

  • You only eat foods you have prepared yourself

  • You have been promised quick results for a minimum amount of effort

  • You regularly count or add up macronutrients for the day

  • You avoid eating or drinking during certain times of day

If any of these sound familiar, you might be on a diet. It’s not your fault! As I said before, diet culture is sneaky. Diet culture or the influence that you need to change your body size or shape or how you eat is all over the Internet and social media. The latest diet probably comes up when you gather with friends or coworkers. It is difficult to escape hearing about.

Our skilled dietitians can help you if a diet has snuck into your life. Be assured that you can break free from a diet mentality. You do not need to diet or deprive yourself to be healthy. You can make peace with food and your body. We are happy to show you how. Appointments are easily made online here.

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Jan 07, 2021

Wow, the baby is looking so cute and the room that you decorated for him is also looking so amazing. I love the portrait of the kid Tilers Hobart and in it; he is looking like a worm. Kids are the truly blessing of the Lord and I love the happy ones more.

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