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145: Bodies & Modesty in Mormonism: the Complexities of a Religious Culture & Body Image

Lexie and Lindsay Kite, PhD of Beauty Redefined® joined Paige on the podcast to talk about a topic that they've been outspoken about since the inception of their non-profit: modesty and Mormon culture (also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

All three of us get this question a lot: does Utah have a particularly higher rate of eating and/or body image issues than the rest of the US? We explore this question and more together in this episode. It's a nerve wracking topic to explore (in fact, Lexie had hives all throughout the recording process) but we did our best to do this complicated and important topic justice and look at all sides of the coin.

Lindsay and Lexie have a nuanced way of viewing modesty rhetoric which has benefits for women and girls as well as men and boys. Since religion and culture are often intertwined, we discussed the experience of body image through the lens of a faith tradition that's prominent in the Intermountain West and throughout the world in an effort to explore a topic that has even wider cultural implications for folks in any religious or cultural community.

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