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130: Why #nuancematters in Conversations about Gut Health & Nutrition Science

Jessie Hoffman, PhD (c) came on the podcast to talk about why nuance matters when it comes to nutrition, health and science. Jessie is an expert in gut health, so we take some time in this episode to debunk some common myths about gut health since it's all the rage right now.

In this episode, she shares her personal story of suffering from an eating disorder. She shares why she initially went into the field of nutrition, but how she found a more balanced and ultimately health-promoting approach to nutrition through time, training and experience. She talks about how she has done her deep dive into the world of nutrition research, she has developed more of a critical mindset and nuanced perspective about food and nutrition.

We talk about how powerful stepping away from binary thinking is in developing a healthy, positive relationship with food. We talk about why it's fine to care about nutrition and the science of it, but it can be taken too far. We talk about how to navigate balancing Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating and nutrition science. We promise, there's a way to marry all these concepts!

We also are releasing our brand new collaboration: an online course called Positive Nutrition 101—the art & science of nutrition without the gimmicks! We are so excited to bring you this brand new online course, complete with 12 lessons covering topics from why diets don't work, metabolism, macro and micronutrients, gut health, exercise, grocery shopping, meal planning, normal eating, mindfulness and more. The entire course is HAES-aligned and evidence-based and is intended to be a resource for those who are ready to engage in the gentle nutrition part of the intuitive eating paradigm. We are thrilled to offer this unique course diving into the science of nutrition without the typical gimmicks.

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