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150: A Simple, Straightforward Way to Decide What To Eat

"Okay this is all great, but what should I eat?!"

If I had a nickel for every time I've been asked this question, I'd a rich woman! While it's totally understandable to want answers to this question, it's actually much more difficult to answer than most people think. What a person eats is highly dependent on many factors: accessibility of food, socioeconomic status, hunger levels, social gatherings, cultural factors, and more. You can see how difficult it is as a registered dietitian to answer this seemingly simple question. People understandably want answers about nutrition.

But, since deciding what to eat is more nuanced than most people give it credit for, I've decided to break down the process of deciding what to eat with a simple metaphor you can implement and explore today. Join me for a podcast exploring a simple way to help you decide what to eat.

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