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141: When Intuitive Eating Is Your Native Language

Diana K. Rice, RD, LD, is known as The Baby Steps Dietitian and is the founder of Diana K. Rice Nutrition, LLC, where she works with families to eat well and reduce the stress surrounding their food choices. She specializes in pre- and postnatal nutrition as well as feeding young children and is a strong advocate for cooking with kids, family meals, and body positivity.

Diana joined me on the podcast to discuss the idea of what it's like to have Intuitive Eating as your native language. We're all born natural intuitive eaters, but growing and developing, many of us lose the natural ability to honor and connect to our bodies.

In this episode, we're flipping the script on the typical personal story shared on this podcast. Many stories highlighted previously have shed light on what it's like to struggle with food and how to extricate yourself from difficult food and body image struggles. In this episode, we're talking about what can go right (even when things aren't exactly perfect) when a person is able to preserve their innate ability to be an intuitive eater.

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