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125: Resilience Through Loss

Laura Iu is a registered dietitian, intuitive eating coach and yoga teacher who is passionate about helping people heal their relationships with food and body. She lives and works in New York City and helps people heal themselves through food and joyful movement. Laura founded Nourish New York, where she offers private yoga and intuitive eating coaching.

In this episode, Laura shares her experience of losing both of her parents early in her childhood. She talks about how the experience of loss affected her own relationship with food and how it affects the way she practices and helps others find a peaceful relationship with food. She talks about what resilience means for her and talks about how she's processing the loss she's experienced now in her adult years.

If you've suffered loss of any kind, you'll love hearing about how you can take the things you've learned in your process of healing and use that strength toward your relationship with food, or vice versa.

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