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122: Let Freedom Ring—Body Liberation & Emotional Freedom

On this day of Independence—at least for the United States listeners—I'm sharing a podcast episode all about liberation and freedom as it relates to food, dieting and bodies.

Dr. Joy Cox is a social justice advocate, using her skill set in research and leadership to foster social change through the promotion of diversity and inclusion. Her research in Communication focuses on matters of intersectionality addressing race, body size, accessibility, and "health." She is the creator and host of Fresh Out the Cocoon, a podcast centered on the lived experiences of fat Black women and femmes, and in teaching she inspires students to find their voice and confidently share ideas, making learning fun, relatable and empowering.

Dr. Cox came on Nutrition Matters to talk about her dissertation and research in fat positive activism and communities and related the most important findings from her research. She gave a great synopsis of the body positive and fat positive movement and explains what communities can do to be more supportive, inclusive and helpful in aiding social justice progress.

She also shared her personal story of body liberation and talks specifically about the physical things she's done to heal and to free herself as well as the emotional and mental side of healing and liberation. She shared practical examples that will resonate with anyone who's ever struggled with accepting their body.

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