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113: Exploring Weight Stigma

Have you heard the term "weight stigma" and wondered what it's all about? Even if you're a seasoned expert with this concept, you're going to love this episode with Ashlee Bennett, MAT, aka @bodyimage_therapist where we dive deep into the research and theory of weight stigma and internalized weight stigma and how it affects all of us. Ashley is a truly gifted researcher, therapist, and emerging researcher on the topic of weight stigma and does an incredible job building bridges between the health sciences world and the realm of social justice and social sciences.

We're seeing a shift in the research from asking questions about what makes us well, rather than always asking what makes us sick. Learning about weight stigma and how to develop resilience from it is an essential step for all of us to take. Weight, health and bodies are more complicated than we've been taught.


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