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160: Intentionally Diversifying Who you Learn From Online and In-Person

Take a quick inventory of your social circles both in-person and online. If you see that everyone you spend time around is the same as you, registered dietitian Christyna Johnson is on a mission to shine a light on the importance of diversifying your learning circles. Intentionally finding people to follow or friends to make that are different from you in terms of philosophy, beliefs, background, race, history, socioeconomic status, and various other identities is an important part of cultivating our own growth. Christyna came on the podcast to share her perspective of why this is important and how to do this on a practical level. She also shares how making these efforts can yield a more positive and peaceful relationship with food.

Christyna Johnson is a registered dietitian nutritionist based in Dallas, Texas. Her nutrition practice is rooted in intuitive eating and Health at Every Size ®. She is dedicated to nutrition justice and finding ways to bring food freedom to those facing food insecurity and living in food deserts. When she’s not fighting injustice, she enjoys getting lost in a new book, trying new restaurants, and diversifying outdoors. She is the voice behind the podcast Intuitive Eating for the Culture, and the blog Encouraging Dietitian.

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