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149: How Connecting to our Instinct to Eat can Help us Make Peace with Food

As a journalist, Virginia Sole-Smith tells stories of women. With her new book, The Eating Instinct: Food Culture, Body Image and Guilt in America, Virginia explores how we can find the power to reconnect to our bodies and our own innate understanding of how to eat in a culture that’s constantly giving women so many mixed messages about both those things.

In this episode, Virginia shares about how she began her career giving diet advice in teen and women’s magazines and experiencing cognitive dissonance as she navigated her own body image struggles. Virginia shares how her daughter suddenly stopped eating as a newborn and how this affected her as a mother. She explores how seeing her daughter struggle with food helped Virginia challenge the dominate narrative that demonizes food. The Eating Instinct tells the stories of women, men, and children, all learning how to eat again, on their own terms and shares more about how her daughter finally reconnected to her eating instinct.

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