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133: Exploring a Path to True Health & Happiness

Monica Mo, PhD is a brand and media strategist and business coach for health professionals. She shares her process of being involved in the scientific world with models and studies and how she evolved into her professional and personal approach to health. We talk specifically about the power of humanity in the work we do as health professionals.

In this episode, Monica shares about her top three values to which she boils down her health and happiness. We explore those values, what they mean to her, and why they are health and happiness promoting for her. We talk about how important our feelings are in driving our choices and our self-care and Monica shares her personal story of getting into this space of working with health professionals and why she's passionate about the work she does.

We spend the last 15 minutes of this conversation covering nutrition and non-diet messaging and discuss how to convey our messages with more clarity and grace.

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