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121: What it's Like to Feel you Don't Fit In with the Non-Diet Message

Have you ever felt like you don't fit in with the non-diet message? Have you ever scratched your head about a post you saw on social media from someone who represents the intuitive eating approach, Health at Every Size, or anything else along those lines? Have you ever wondered if there's a place for you in the non-diet movement? The short answer is yes. But, listen to the entire discussion, because we explore a very real feeling of not fitting in going on in the non-diet world. You're welcome here.

Listen in as I talk with Sarah Pannell, LMFT about her experience of wondering whether the non-diet community would welcome her. Sarah spent many months down a rabbit hole of trying to cure her chronic illness with food. Eventually, she chose to stop trying trying to cure her chronic illness with food and accept my body as it is, and she learned to care for it by cueing into her intuition (being mindful in planning, not relying on hunger/fullness cues in the same way, etc). Her experience of learning how to care for her body gives her empathy for others for who may not be able to have an "all foods fit" approach to food, including those with food allergies. We talk about how we're all in our own process with exploring the non-diet approach to nutrition and health and how this conversation is still relatively new and young.

We talk about the language of invitation and the fact that the non-diet community really does need more stories and more exploration of how rejecting dieting looks for people from all walks of life. Otherwise, we're vulnerable to becoming just another iteration of a laundry list of rules and exclusivity. We talk about the nuance we need moving forward to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

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