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93: Embracing the Gray with Intuitive Eating

Have you ever felt like your process of ditching dieting has become another all-or-nothing pursuit where you used to do things one way when you dieted, and now you are doing the complete opposite? This is a common experience where you reject one paradigm, militantly embracing an opposing one, but don't feel as fulfilled as you imagined. Often the answers of how to behave and think lie somewhere in that gray area where you are landing in a place that's right for you.

Some might think that this sounds like you should straddle paradigms, keeping one foot in the dieting world. This is not what is intended by the "gray" of intuitive eating, and shouldn't be misunderstood to mean that I or my guest Leah Kirschbaum, RD, CD are recommending. But, as dietitians who work with individuals to hep them heal their relationship with food, we often see on a practical level how people struggle when intuitive eating and/or body positivity becomes an all-or-nothing pursuit. In this episode, Leah and I discuss how you will know when you've found that sweet spot with intuitive eating that's right for you and the dangers of all-or-nothing thinking can cause to your relationship with food, whether the all-or-nothing thinking is directed toward dieting or not.

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