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88: Weight Neutrality

Sumner Brooks, MPH, RDN, LD and I discuss how providers, family members and communities can change the conversation about weight. We discuss the term "weight neutrality" and do our best to explore it in a way that will help listeners be able to not only apply this paradigm in their own life, but also in a way that listeners might be able to share this episode with friends and family who may not understand why you approach food and your body neutrally.

To us, weight neutrality is a way of moving throughout the world that doesn't judge others by the way they appear. It's also a way of approaching ourselves with love and gentleness, allowing yourself to really tap into learning how to take the best care of yourself in a way that's right for you. It's also a way that providers can approach their patients and clients in a manner that is ethical, evidenced-based and effective.

Sumner's work as a registered dietitian revolves around not only helping people make peace with food individually, but also in providing continuing education for dietitians through her online symposium and membership site, EDRDpro. If you're a wellness professional looking for more training in eating disorders and disordered eating, check it out!

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