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60: What it's Like to Live in a Larger Body

I recently put out a question on social media about how to have conversations with kids about other people's weight. I had someone comment with an absolutely horrific story about how she has been treated by a friend based on her weight. After chatting back and forth, she offered to come on the podcast to talk about her experiences of living in a larger body.

In this episode she shares experiences and moments in her life where she felt seen, heard and loved. She also shares times where comments from others have really hurt her.

Our intention in this episode is to shed light on what it's like to have a body that is deemed "unacceptable" in our world today and how we all can do a little bit better at loving and supporting the diverse people in our lives. We talk about how to give more meaningful compliments, how to treat people better and how to have more empathy for the various experiences we each have. Every person everywhere deserves self-love and deserves to be treated well.

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