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Happy New Year

Happy New Year, friends!

It's December 31 and I've been reflecting the last few days about 2018 and the upcoming year. I've been reflecting personally and professionally about where I've been and where I'm going. I've also been reflecting on you: the people who read my blog, the people who listen to my podcast and the people who engage with me in any way professionally.

I have so many deep wishes and desires for you in your journey with food. I love the work I do and I am so grateful each and every day to be a part of your life. Thanks for reading and here's my wish for you in 2019.

My wish for each of you is for you to know yourself well enough to confidently and positively care for yourself.

My wish is that you will confidently believe that you are enough. You don't need a guru method to be healthy and happy—you just need you.

My hope is that this new year brings a renewed sense of your worth, your wisdom and your sense of authenticity and alignment with what's most important to you. In order to do this, I strongly believe we need to jump into the grey of nuance and messiness.

My wish for you is that you will jump into the grey of uncertainty. Even though you might find it really hard to trust yourself, jump into that uncertainty and start paying attention to why your body deserves trust and respect. Jump into the grey of imperfection and progress and growth. Jump in, jump in! Lean on the fact that I trust your body if you need to. Lean of my confidence of you if it helps. You have what it takes to build a trusting, positive and healthy relationship with food.

If this all feels overwhelming, I hear you. I understand why these words might sound good but feel inaccessible. My intention is that these words bring hope, not shame. If now isn't the time to work on these things for you, you're still 100% worthy of all the good things. You matter.

If these words feel hopeful to you but you aren't sure how to make them happen, just know that's why I have a job and it's okay to need some help from a professional to navigate such a messy and imperfect process. I'm here for you! Whether it's through the podcast, blog, social media, individual nutrition therapy or one of my online courses, I'm here to help!

Happy New Year and thanks for being here. Each of you who engage with me professionally bring so much fulfillment, meaning and purpose into my life. I appreciate you and I'm so grateful I get to be a small part of your lives.

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