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131: What It Means to Nourish Yourself Inside & Out

Heidi Schauster, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S just came out with a new book called Nourish: how to heal your relationship with food, body and self and she came on the podcast to talk about the question so many people have: how do I nourish myself? We talk about perfectionism, eating disorder recovery and why we both love the word nourish when talking about nutrition and health. We both believe language matters as we explore our relationships with our bodies and food.

We also dive deep into the common questions we both get about troubleshooting intuitive eating. We talk about why structure isn't necessarily wrong or bad with trying to let go on the dieting mentality.

I also wanted to remind you about my brand new project: an online course called Positive Nutrition 101—the art & science of nutrition without the gimmicks! I am so excited to bring you this brand new online course, complete with 12 lessons covering topics from why diets don't work, metabolism, macro and micronutrients, gut health, exercise, grocery shopping, meal planning, normal eating, mindfulness and more. The entire course is HAES-aligned and evidence-based and is intended to be a resource for those who are ready to engage in the gentle nutrition part of the intuitive eating paradigm. I am thrilled to offer this unique course diving into the science of nutrition without the typical gimmicks.

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