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123: Answering Common Questions about Being a Health at Every Size Private Practice Dietitian

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in private practice? Have you wondered about how it works to be an entrepreneur who is offering a counter-cultural approach to food and nutrition?

Jessi Haggerty, RD is a fellow dietitian in private practice who also has a podcast, and joined me on the podcast to answer the most common questions we get about our work.

We go through the following questions and more:

  • How we got started

  • What we were most afraid of when we started

  • How we finally made the leap of faith

  • What happened when we started to take our businesses seriously and started making commitments

  • Our process of how to organize your business

  • What to consider when getting started with private practice

  • How to network and get referrals

  • How to decide about insurance

  • Why we both started enforcing our policies (especially cancelation policies) and why it's hard to do it sometimes

  • How to keep yourself accountable to finish tasks and stay on schedule with due dates

  • Attracting clients with a HAES and non-diet approach

  • Getting over the fear and taking the plunge

  • How to deal with impostor syndrome

  • Whether or not it's true that you should get clinical experience before opening a private practice

  • How to navigate branding and marketing

  • EHR (electronic health records) versus paper charting

  • Whether or not we get sick of talking about food and body image all the time

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