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108: How Nutrition & Weight Messages are Affecting our Children

We all want the same things for our kids—happiness, health and overall positivity. After spending years listening to adults talk about the formative messages they received about their body and food during childhood, I have some strong opinions on how adults portray messaging about food and bodies with children. We mean well, but often our best efforts at nutrition messages are unhelpful at best and harmful at worst.

This is what we're covering in this episode of Nutrition Matters Podcast. We're taking a good look at the nutrition messages we give our kids and breaking down why certain ways of talking about food aren't advised. I invited my friend Dana Snook on to talk about this topic who is is a registered dietitian who specializes in pediatric nutrition and family feeding dynamics.

We talk about why it's best to talk less about and show/do more when it comes to food and kids. We talk about what is actually effective in helping kids to develop healthy eating patterns and an overall healthy relationship with food. We dive deep into action items parents and teachers can do to help kids navigate food and bodies in a mentally healthy and physically healthy way.

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