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135: What is Intuitive Eating? [Part II]

I'm stepping outside the box again on this podcast episode and bringing you another solo recording. Before I recorded last week's episode, I asked my Instagram followers what their questions were about intuitive eating. I got so many questions that I had to record a separate podcast to answer their questions.

Here are some of the questions about intuitive eating that this podcast explores:

  • What to do if you're bingeing even though you're working on intuitive eating

  • Tips for teaching teens intuitive eating

  • How to shift from weight loss as your focus to wellbeing

  • How to navigate IE with type I diabetes

  • Where to begin when you're scared about trying this out

  • Setpoint theory

  • Raising IE kids

  • What to do if you are told by a doctor to restrict certain foods or nutrients

  • How to politely shut down diet talk

  • How to get past guilt about cravings

  • How to introduce the concept of IE to newbies

  • What to do if you don't have hunger cues

  • How to get other people out of your head who have told you your worth is dependent on the way you look

  • Why this is SO HARD

  • Tips for mindfulness during the "free for all phase"

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