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Meet Katie!

Katie Davis, RDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and native of Salt Lake City. She loves helping people find realistic, positive solutions for nutrition and health and operates from a non-diet perspective. She has been practicing for 11 years as a dietitian and specializes in family feeding dynamics, disordered eating and nutrition therapy for chronic migraines.

Katie has experienced a journey through health. She has battled chronic pain and migraine disease. During her last pregnancy, she endured severe hyperemesis, cholestasis and a feeding tube. She also woke up one day unable to sit up or stand. She spent two and a half years relearning to walk on her own. As a result, Katie has experienced a fullness of gratitude for her body. She chooses to focus on what her body is able to do, despite limitations. She talks about her health journey in detail on Nutrition Matters Podcast episode 117.

Katie’s personal experiences allow her to connect with clients on a personal and meaningful level. She understands what it's like to deeply struggle with aspects of health that can feel out of your control. She excels in helping clients find ways to be more gentle and kind to themselves and their bodies.

Katie enjoys working with young children and families wanting to stop the struggle over food. She also works with adults looking to end the diet cycle. She is passionate about teaching parents how to support young girls and teens in a positive way as they navigate their changing bodies.

Katie met her husband in London. Together they make their home in Utah. Katie delights in skiing through trees on fresh powder days. She collects cookbooks. She enjoys bike rides with her daughters, hand lettering, and reading British mysteries on the porch.

Katie sees clients in Salt Lake City and you can access her schedule or make an appointment with Katie here. To contact her directly, call her at 385-831-1709.


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