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Why It’s Okay to Stop Weighing Yourself

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Scales bring misery. End of story. Weighing yourself doesn’t help. It mainly triggers feelings of disappointment, guilt, and shame.

Here are eight reasons it's okay to ditch your scale:

1. Your value and worth is not based on a number on a scale.

2. It affects your concentration. Constantly having that number floating around in your head makes it harder to focus on work, school, or even simple conversations with friends.

3. Your day revolves around it. Weighing yourself might be the first thing you do when you wake up or get home. Or you cancel plans or avoid making them because of what the scale says.

4. Your emotional health suffers. Weighing yourself contributes to feelings of depression and anxiety.

5. Your health is not based on your weight.

6. It messes with life goals. If your number one goal and purpose in life is getting to a certain weight, what else are you missing out on?

7. I have yet to see someone’s weight listed in their obituary.

8. You have more to offer the world than your weight.

I believe in reusing, giving away, and donating what you don’t need, with one exception -- a scale. I feel like it is just passing misery to someone else. This is one item I recommend throwing straight in the garbage. Preferably the outside garbage where it is much more difficult to fish out.

If throwing away the scale feels like too much, you can start by having someone take it somewhere else or just plain hide it.

Or how about grabbing a hammer and having a satisfying “smash the scale ceremony?” It’s also a great way to release some emotion over all the ways dieting and scales have let you down!

You have much more to offer the world than your body size or shape and especially a number on a scale.


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