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Meet Aryane!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hi! I’m Aryane Oar, a registered dietitian nutritionist, the new addition to the Positive Nutrition team! I am originally from Brazil, where I received my undergraduate degree at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa, studying nutrition and dietetics. I come from a family that loves to host guests and parties, and delicious foods are always involved in these gatherings. This brought me close to cooking and sparked my love for nutrition to better understand the relationship between people and food and how we can promote health by making better food choices. At the age of eighteen, I got accepted into a nutrition program and off I went to pursue my professional goals.

During my freshmen year, to my surprise, I randomly met my now-husband, who is originally from Oregon and who ended up landing in Viçosa. It was very interesting because Viçosa is not a tourist town by any means! His plans to spend a couple of months traveling throughout the country and getting to know its culture turned into a five-year experience living in Brazil. Towards the end of my undergrad, we got married and, one year later, I received my bachelor’s degree.

The decision to move to the US afterward was a big deal, especially in how it would affect my career in dietetics. Soon after arriving in Oregon, we moved to Utah, where I have been calling it “home” for almost ten years now! Although my coursework in Brazil was virtually the same as the dietetics programs in the US, I was not allowed to work as a dietitian here, since the Brazilian program is not accredited by the American credentialing agency in dietetics.

Luckily, all was not lost! The University of Utah in Salt Lake City offers a Coordinated Master’s Program in dietetics, which was the perfect solution for my case with a huge plus: I would also get my master’s degree! Although it involved a long break from school, we eventually had an opportunity to move to Salt Lake City; I applied and got accepted into their amazing program. During these past two busy years, I had a chance not only to refresh and advance my knowledge in dietetics but also to develop so many other skills as I had two very young daughters at the time.

Throughout graduate school, I focused on wellness promotion and counseling. I developed a passion for the Intuitive Eating method, which aligns with my empathetic approach to food and my desire to help people rediscover the joy in eating. After all, food implies not only nutrients and calories but also fond memories and feelings. I am excited that I can continue to work on what I believe at Positive Nutrition!

To access my schedule and make an appointment, click here. Feel free to call me at 801-382-9164 if you have any questions! I am now accepting new online and in-person clients.


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