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159: The Similarities and Distinctions Between Addictions & Eating Disorders

Amanda White Nutrition Matters Podcast

Amanda E. White is a licensed professional counselor and yoga teacher. She specializes in working with women with eating disorders, substance use disorders and trauma and specifically how they overlap and intersect. She is in recovery from a substance use disorder as well as eating disorder. She owns a private practice in Philadelphia, Therapy for Women. Amanda also leads yoga and mental health retreats, using the physical practice of yoga along with the power of group therapy to allow people to break free from patterns that are keeping them stuck.

Amanda shares her personal story of struggling with both substance use disorder in addition to an eating disorder. She explains this intersection and explores the difficult road of recovery both from her personal perspective as well as her perspective as a therapist. She talks about the role that the desire for control played in her struggle with these disorders as well explains how to develop a more healthy relationship with our emotions. Amanda is a big believer in her experiences of pain have been the impetus for deeper purpose and have helped her find meaning in her life.

Amanda talks about:

  • Food addiction theory and limitations

  • Her experience of finding healing in the intersection of eating disorders and substance use disorders

  • The role control played in her disorders

  • Emotional granularity

  • The role of emotion in our coping mechanisms

  • Finding Intuitive Eating

  • The wisdom of retrospect: how her painful experiences have brought meaning to her life

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