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175: Exploring what Healthy Really Means and Reclaiming it for Good

The word 'healthy' gets thrown around all the time, but what does it actually mean? And, is the concept actually helpful for us?

Meghan and Paige unpack these ideas and explore ways we all can reclaim the true meaning of health for good in our lives.

Meghan Kacmarcik is a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist based in Boston, MA. She works locally in the Boston area and is the owner of New Moon Nutrition, a virtual practice where she helps people unlearn diet culture, recover from disordered eating, and heal their relationships with food and their body. Her practice is rooted in Health at Every Size and she uses intuitive eating as a guidepost in all her work. In addition to dismantling diet culture and fighting for a more weight-inclusive world, she enjoys reading good books, drinking good coffee, and snuggling with her cat Potato.

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