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172: Medical Nutrition Therapy & Intuitive Eating: How Nutrition Improves with Connection & Kindness

Kirsten Ackerman is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Registered Dietitian and proud anti-diet advocate. During the day, Kirsten works as a renal dietitian, helping patients with end stage renal disease navigate their eating while receiving life-saving treatments. Outside of her day job, Kirsten hosts the Intuitive Bites podcast, puts out phenomenal content on social media and is currently writing a book.

Kirsten joined Paige to talk about a common question they both get as intuitive eating dietitians. Together, they explore the common sticking point of wondering if medical nutrition therapy and intuitive eating go together. In other words, they explore how intuitive eating and other non-diet frameworks enhance nutrition and health and are inherently pro-health interventions.

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