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Positive Nutrition for Life

Positive Nutrition for Life

Throughout the course, you'll learn why and how to break away from diet culture, understanding the fundamental physical and psychological reasons diets have always failed you in the past. We'll walk you though rebuilding trust with food and your body utilizing the Four Pillars of a Healthy Relationship with Food: Mindfulness, Body Liberation, Intuitive Eating and Positive Nutrition. Each of those pillars comprise a module of the course, and the course dives deep into each one providing detailed lessons about each pillar as well as activities and journal prompts to go deeper.

This course also includes interactive components where students can connect with others in the Positive Nutrition community to have additional support through the process. The best part—students have lifetime access to the course and the supportive community so progress doesn't stop once the course is complete!

  • Early Bird Pricing

    This price ($300) is a pre-sale special price, available only until January 1, 2019 when the price increases to $400. Access to the course will be granted once the course is officially released on 1/1/19.

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