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Raising Intuitive Eaters

Learn about how to translate your knowledge of Intuitive Eating to parenting and feeding your kids.

Raising Intuitive Eaters
Raising Intuitive Eaters

Time & Location

Available September 27

Location is TBD

About the Group

Raising Intuitive Eaters is an 5-part online course for parents and caregivers who are curious about how to extend their knowledge of Intuitive Eating into their parenting and feeding style. This course is for anyone who is grappling with how to address their child's picky eating, nutrition concerns, disordered eating, body image concerns, or for any parent/caregiver who wants to learn how to help prevent eating issues in their children. Parents to children of all ages are welcome. 

Workshop topics will include:

  • In depth discussion of parent and child roles in feeding
  • Picky eating and mealtime management
  • Understanding typical adolescent growth including puberty
  • Navigating cultural food fads and dieting messages
  • Empowering positive body image in children and teens

This course is designed to help you go deeper by extending the non-diet approach to health and nutrition with your children. Although this approach to feeding and eating is rooted in decades of solid scientific research and empirical support, this information can bring up lots of questions and it can be invaluable to have a place to ask questions and receive support and guidance as you implement this into your family.

IMPORTANT: The online course will be made available to everyone who has signed up on September 27.


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If you are someone who is actively struggling with disordered eating, this workshop might not be the best place for you to start. We would suggest working with someone one-on-one to focus on all aspects of your relationship with food. If you aren’t sure, feel free to reach out directly with questions and we can help you decide if this is the right fit for you.

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